Chapter 8


          In 1941, Europe was in the throes of the Second World War; Germany and its allies on the continent were in almost complete control of Europe; the submarines of the German and Italian fleets were in almost exclusive control of the Mediterranean basin. This reality seriously impeded the supply lines from Britain to Palestine (as it did with the supply lines to Cyprus), giving rise to a fear that the reserves of local notes and coins would be exhausted, making it impossible to respond to public demand.

Given the above, two simultaneous initiatives were taken regarding the matter.

  • Preparations were made by the Palestine Government Printer for a local printing of notes for denominations of 50 mils and 100 mils in place of the silver coins of that value, and for notes of denominations £P1 and £P50. All the plates were engraved for this purpose by Emil Pikovsky Zincography in Jerusalem.
  • An order was sent from the Palestine Currency Board to De La Rue for plates for notes that would solve the problem of the shortage of silver coins of denominations 50 mils and 100 mils, and for the £P1 note.

£P1 Brown proof with orange guilloche underprint designed Emil Pikovsky Zincography

100 mils “COMPLETE PROOF” dated 2/7/43 designed by the printer De La Rue


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