Chapter 7


          The topic of new designs and colour trials is a complex matter involving the following categories.

  • New currency note designs.
    The discussion of new designs began in 1930, when preparations were being made in anticipation of wide-scale counterfeiting of the notes in circulation, necessitating their replacement.
  • Proposals for alternate colours for the notes in circulation.
    This matter first arose in February 1928 after a similarity was detected between the £P1 note and the Turkish £T1 note, but it was postponed and was brought up again in 1930 with the discussions regarding the new designs.
  • The £P5 note with a new design and change of colour.
    This note, which combines the two preceding categories, was approved for issue in May 1947 after many forgeries of this denomination were discovered in circulation.

Obverse proof, £P5. (This design was rejected and so it was not sent to Palestine.)

Obverse proof, £P10. (The design was rejected and so was not sent to Palestine.)

Colour trials of the £P1, 1937


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